The hamlet of Casine di Ostra, the home of the Morbidelli family


The hamlet of Casine di Ostra, a peripheral “mini-district” of the small town of Ostra in the province of Ancona, is located halfway between Jesi and Senigallia, in an area particularly suited to the production of oil and wine. It is the home of the Morbidelli family, the place of the heart from which everything was born. A land that knows how to preserve the flavors and authenticity of the past, characterized by agriculture that designs soft landscapes rich in color, charm and beauty.

Frantoio Morbidelli - Frantoio Olive Marche - Ostra - 071.6888080
Frantoio Morbidelli - Azienda e Frantoio Marche - Ostra - 071.6888080


A gentle hill with the sea on the horizon and the promontories of the pre-Apennine chain behind it. Precisely in 2004, the Morbidelli company restarted from here, after having operated in several places further down the valley. The bond with one’s roots has never failed, after all, and as soon as the opportunity arose, the “return home” was a logical consequence, a “romantic” opportunity that would have been impossible to give up.