The soul of the business is undoubtedly the oil mill, the room where the fundamental phases of the oil extraction process take place. Inside, the Morbidelli family manages to make the past coexist with the future, technology with practices handed down from father to son, in order to obtain a product of excellence, “warm” with traditions and colored with flavors and aromas. All the machines used are under the Pieralisi brand, which is the top of the sector as regards oil plant engineering.

Frantoio Morbidelli - Lavorazione Olio - Macchinari Pieralisi - Frantoio Morbidelli - Marche-  071.6888080
Frantoio Morbidelli - imbottigliamento Olio - Ostra Marche -  071.6888080


The temperatures are continuously under control and the devices used are renewed from year to year. Nothing is left to chance, each phase is meticulously monitored to ensure that the raw material does not lose any of its organoleptic characteristics during processing. The oil is then filtered, stored in stainless steel tanks and bottled for sale.